30 years
and growing!

What We Do

Financial Support

Through the generosity of FOGY members, we have been able to provide financial support for:

  • GHS Safe Rides Program
  • Glastonbury Social Services Thanksgiving Baskets
  • Glastonbury Social Services Holiday Assistance Campaigns
  • Glastonbury town playscape equipment

FOGY provides direct support, usually in the form of donations, but may involve volunteer assistance with programs and events. FOGY attempts to provide support to the largest number of youth. Typically, FOGY donates to group projects but assistance may also be provided to individuals in need.

Examples of FOGY past contributions:

ABC House, Glastonbury, CT The ABC House
Glastonbury, CT Youth & Family Services Creative Experiences programs Glastonbury Youth & Family Services
Creative Experiences programs 
Glastonbury Crew GHS & Smith's Unified Theater
Individual Summer Camp Scholarships
Suicide & Alcohol and Drug Abvuse Preventention Workshops
Glastonbury Social Services holiday gifts for teens
Glastonbury YMCA
  Glastonbury High Safe Grad Party

By becoming a member of FOGY, you too can help support these and similar programs. FOGY helps in many ways to provide young people with social, cultural and emotional growth. Because we have relationships with other organizations which are focused on supporting youth in Glastonbury, we can be the first to know when there's a need. BENEFITS OF YOUR GIFT!  Please click here to see how you can help>>

Community Recognition


Each year, FOGY recognizes high school seniors from Glastonbury (attending GHS or other schools) who have demonstrated a commitment to volunteer service in school, in church, or community within the last four years. If you would like to apply for this award, which provides a $500 grant, please download the pdf form below.

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We also recognize adult members of the community who have demonstrated excellence in assisting the youth of Glastonbury.  To view a list of all our past recipients please click on the link below.

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Do you know someone who deserves recognition for his/her work with Glastonbury youth? FOGY of the Year is given to an individual who gives extraordinary volunteer service to the youth in our community, his/her service is not directly related to the his/her profession. The FOGY Service Award is given to those individuals whose profession may involve Glastonbury youth and who have demonstrated an enthusiasm and dedication, which is "above and beyond the call of duty."  Please download the nomination form below as a pdf file.

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